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Theory of social classes and social movements, theories of contemporary sociology, sociologies of science and university systems


A CIRANO Researcher and Fellow since 2010, Louis Maheu is Emeritus Professor in the Department of Sociology at the Université de Montréal.

Holding a Ph.D. in Sociology from the École pratique des hautes études, he specializes in the analysis of social movements and collective action, as well as in the study of the functioning of university systems, particularly at the graduate level. He has also been interested in establishing measures for evaluating excellence and performance within university programs, institutions of higher learning and scientific production environments.

A Professor in the Department of Sociology at the Université de Montréal from 1970 to 2006 (Assistant 1970-1975, Associate 1975-1981 and Full Professor 1981-2006), he has guided several research missions during his career, both at home and abroad: in France, at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales, and also in Italy, Great Britain and Argentina. He also carried out an extended stay of teaching and conferences in Brazil.

Louis Maheu also held various administrative positions and participated in important committees within the University. He was Director of the Department of Sociology (1981-1984). After serving as Vice-Dean (1992-1996), he also served as Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (1996-2005). He was subsequently elevated to the rank of Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies. In all these positions, he contributed to the dynamic development of graduate studies.

He was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Applied Labour Research (1985-1994), Director of the journal Sociologie et sociétés (1987-1992) and President of the Association des doyens des études supérieures du Québec (2003-2005).

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and President of its Academy of Social Sciences since 2005.

Louis Maheu's research has resulted in more than 100 publications, including seven books, seven special thematic issues of scientific journals, and more than 35 articles in chapters of collective works. He was also at the helm of the international journal Sociologie et société for five years. Social Movements and Social Classes: The Future of Collective Action, a book that he edited, is an essential reference in the sociology of social movements.

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