Economic History, History of Labour and the Labour Market, Globalization


Michael Huberman is Professor of Economic History at the University of Montreal and a member of several research centers. He is currently co-chair of the J.W. McConnell Foundation's Chair on American Studies.

After an international academic career, from McGill University to Oxford University, he completed his Ph.D. on the English labour market during the Industrial Revolution at the University of Toronto.

Since then, he has been interested in the effects of globalization on working conditions and the welfare of workers. He is the author of "Odd Couple" (Yale University Press, 2012) which examines the link between the welfare state and globalization in a historical and comparative perspective.
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CIRANO Publications by Michael Huberman

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European Economic Integration and the Labour Compact, 1850-1913

Michael Huberman and Wayne Lewchuk

Labour Market

Occupational Gender Segregation and Women's Wages in Canada: An Historical Perspective

Nicole Fortin and Michael Huberman

Labour Market

Occupational Gender Segregation : Public Policies and Economic Forces

Nicole Fortin and Michael Huberman


Hope against Hope: Persistent Canadian Unions in the Interwar Years

Michael Huberman and Denise Young

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