Interview : Robert Amzallag

Scenario Analysis

Good initiatives are worth repeating. The centerpiece of an evening on the Financial crisis hosted a year ago at CIRANO was an analysis of the origin of the crisis by Robert Amzallag former President and CEO of BNP Paribas (Canada), and currently a CIRANO Invited Fellow. That evening was a signal success, so we decided to have a web retrospective and see how the events of this past turbulent year have supported his insights as to the future evolution of events.

Our web retrospective has various elements all accessible from this page:
  • The Rapport Bourgogne containing Mr. Amzallag’s presentation from last year;
  • An update, in which Mr. Amzallag addresses which of the three scenarios offered a year ago best describes the current world. Laurence Allaire Jean CIRANO Research Professional, interviewed Mr. Amzallag to explore further his current views;
  • Our Web chronology of crisis events, now covering the past year’s events. We have also updated the time series of relevant financial and economic time variables.

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Timeline : Financial Crisis 2008-2012
Timeline : Financial Crisis 2008-2012
provides graphs on the chronological evolution (2008-2012) of many key financial indicators.

The chronology begins in December, 2007 and ends in January, 2012. The user can trace up to three time series on one graph with highlighted events (see example on the left) for any desired time frame.