Digital inclusion, Deployment of new technologies, Management of technological projects, Smart cities and objects, Intellectual disability


Holder of a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Polytechnique Montréal, Alejandro Romero-Torres is a professor in the Department of Management and Technology at ESG UQAM. He is also a researcher at the Institut universitaire en DI et en TSA, a researcher at the Centre de partage d’expertise en intervention technoclinique (UQTR) and a member of the Institut santé et société (UQAM).

He has acquired management expertise in the health and social services network. His research focuses on the integration and deployment of new technologies in the network as well as the digital inclusion of people with disabilities. His current research focuses on the development of a model to understand the factors of digital accessibility, the assessment of the accessibility of digital services of the smart city as well as the evaluation of technologies to ensure self-determination for people with disabilities.

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CIRANO Projects

The impact of the use of digital technologies on the evolution of project management work practices during the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons from experience

Alejandro Romero-Torres, Thibaut Coulon, Carl St-Pierre, Julie Deslile, Marie-Pierre Leroux, Marie-Douce Primeau

Digital Transformation

The trajectory of use of innovations as a lever for the appropriation by patients and professionals of new technologies and practices in health care

Alejandro Romero-Torres, Lise Boudreault, Philippe Doyon-Poulin

Innovation, Health

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