Transportation of People, Mobility and Solutions, Urban Management, Challenges of the City of the Future, Project Management, Urban Planning and TOD


Florence Junca-Adenot is Professor of Urban Studies at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) since October 2004 and has set up the Forum Urba 2015, a platform for reflection on the conditions of success of the cities of the future. She has held various positions at UQAM since 1971: Director of Administration Programs, Vice-Dean, Academic Development, Management Sciences Sector, Vice-President, Communications, and Vice-President, Academic Programs. She chaired the Montreal Economic Development Commission, chaired several boards of directors. At the same time, she created and chaired the Pierre-Péladeau Center, the Agora de la Danse, the Faubourg Saint-Laurent Urban Development Corporation, Sourire, the Institut en Transport and ICI Environnement. Florence Junca Adenot participated in the Pichette Committee on Metropolitan Governance and was President and CEO, Founder, of the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) from 1996 to January 2004. She holds a doctorate in economics, an MBA and a master's degree in sociology. She is the author of numerous conferences, various articles and studies and has received several awards and rewards related to her commitments and accomplishments.
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