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Health risk management, patient safety, health law interpretation


A CIRANO Researcher and Fellow since 2009, Suzanne Bisaillon is Honorary Professor at the Université de Montréal.

Holding a Ph.D. in industrial pharmacy, she has practiced law since 1989. She served as a pharmacist until 2002 and was a professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Université de Montréal, between 1974 and 2009.

Her passion for teaching, underscored by two awards for excellence in teaching, led her to be involved in risk management lectures beyond her retirement; first at the Department of Environmental and Workplace Health, Faculty of Medicine – now the School for Public Health – and then at the Department of Industrial Engineering's Health Branch at the École Polytechnique.

Since 2015, she is a member of the scientific committee of the association Medical Exchange under the presidency of Professor Jean Calop, Grenoble, France. En 2016, she was invited as a writer of the forward in a book published by Lavoisier (Fr) with the interim title La pragmatique (ou réalité) d'aujourd'hui sur la perception des risques en établissement de santé en France.

Suzanne's past board experiences includes: Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology, Board of the Université de Montréal, Board of the Université de Montréal Alumni, Board of the Montreal Pharmaceutical Discussion Group and the Board of CHSLD Centre-Ville, a long-term care facility. She also presided the user/resident committee at CHSLD Vigi Mont-Royal. She was a member of the Groupe vigilance sur la sécurité des soins attached to the Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux du Québec until 2015 when the Group ceased its activities.

During four years on a Senior Executive Exchange Program, she worked at Health Canada in the capacity of Acting Director in risk management, emergency preparedness and response, and essential services at the Healthy Environment and Consumer Safety Branch. At the end of her stay, she was awarded two distinctions in recognition of her untiring effort to build a risk management culture and infrastructure throughout HECSB and the department.

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Health at the heart of Quebec's economic recovery

La santé au cœur de la relance économique du Québec - Publié le September 3, 2020

Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Claude Montmarquette, Erin C. Strumpf, Mélanie Bourassa Forcier, Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, Maude Laberge, Carl-Ardy Dubois, Thomas G. Poder, Bernard Fortin, Guy Lacroix, Raquel Fonseca, Pierre-Carl Michaud, Suzanne Bisaillon, Raphael Godefroy, Maripier Isabelle


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