Natural Resource Economics, International Trade, Industrial Organization, Economic Theory


Ngo Van Long has a Ph.D. in Economics from the Australian National University and is a professor in the Department of Economics at McGill University. Long came to McGill in 1989 after teaching for several years at the A.N.U. He is a former co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Economics and associate editor of the Journal of International Economics. He is currently associate editor of the Review of International Economics, the International Game Theory Review, and the Journal of Public Economic Theory. He is also on the editorial boards/councils of a number of journals, including the European Journal of Political Economy, the Pacific Economic Review, Mathematical Social Sciences, the Australian Economic Papers, and the Review of Development Economics. Long is a member of several research organizations, including CIRANO, CESifo, CIREQ, and GEC3 (the Global Environmental and Climate Change Centre.

Long has published articles in a wide range of journals, including Econometrica, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Journal of Economic Theory, the International Economic Review, the Economic Journal, Economic Theory, and field journals such as the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, the Journal of International Economics, the Review of International Economics, Games and Economic Behavior, the Journal of Public Economics, the International Journal of Industrial Organization, the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Dynamic Games and Applications, the Journal of Development Economics, and the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

His research covers a wide range of issues in microeconomic theory with specialization in four separate but related fields of economics, stressing their complementarity and intersections: Resources and Environmental Economics, Theory of International Trade, Theory of Dynamic Optimization and Dynamic Games in Economics, and Theory of Industrial Organization. Since 1973, he has consistently published articles and books in these four fields, and where possible, emphasizing their complementarity.
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CIRANO Publications by Ngo Van Long

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Trade in Trash: A Political Economy Approach

James H. Cassing and Ngo Van Long

Strategy and International Economy and Environment

On the Profitability of Cross-Ownership in Cournot Oligopolies: Stock Sizes Matter

Hassan Benchekroun, Miao Dai and Ngo Van Long

Competition and Energy and Natural Resources

Effects of Exchange Rate Volatility on Export Diversity: The Role of Production Constraints

Ngo Van Long, Yifan Li and Zhuang Miao

Strategy and International Economy

Trade, Education, and Income Inequality

Markus Brueckner, Ngo Van Long and Joaquin Vespignani

Inequality and Distribution of Income and Strategy and International Economy
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