Contract theory, incentives, public economics and taxation, public policy


A CIRANO Researcher and Fellow since 1994, Michel Poitevin is Full Professor in the Department of Economics at the Université de Montréal.

Holding a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of British Columbia, he is a specialist in information economics, incentives and public policy.

Michel Poitevin has conducted recent research on the optimal structure of a federation in the presence of local public goods. He is interested in optimal taxation in the presence of public goods in a context of fiscal competition between states or regions. He has also worked on the optimal determination of tuition fees for Quebec universities.

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CIRANO Publications by Michel Poitevin

As an author

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Tarification optimale du gaz carbonique et élasticités dans les transports

Alexandre Pavlov, Charles Vaillancourt and Michel Poitevin

Sustainable Development

Concurrence fiscale et biens publics

Michel Poitevin

Competition and Taxation and Fiscal Policy

Le Québec économique 7 : Éducation et capital humain

Marcelin Joanis, Claude Montmarquette, Christian Belzil, Brahim Boudarbat, Bryan Campbell, Rui Castro, Jean-Claude Cloutier, Marie Connolly, David D’Arrisso, François Delorme, Pouya Ebrahimi, Anabelle Fortin, Bernard Fortin, Luc Godbout, Catherine Haeck, Pierre Canisius Kamanzi, Robert Lacroix, Stéphanie Lapierre, Pierre Lefebvre, Louis Maheu, Brigitte Milord, Joséphine Mukamurera, Michel Poitevin, Safa Ragued, Marianne St-Onge, Maurice Tardif, Morgane Uzenat, François Vaillancourt and 23 other authors

Human Capital and Education

Should a non-rival public good always be provided centrally

Nicolas Gravel and Michel Poitevin


Éducation et frais de scolarité

Rui Castro and Michel Poitevin

Education and Social Policies

CIRANO Projects

Consulting mandate of scientific experts CIRANO: Revival of the economy and food autonomy

Annie Royer, Michel Poitevin, Patrick Mundler, Henri-Paul Rousseau, Ingrid Peignier


Carbon prices and elasticities

Tarification optimale du gaz carbonique et élasticités dans les transports - Publié le August 31, 2020

Michel Poitevin, Alexandre Pavlov, Charles Vaillancourt

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