Set of Themes

Strategy & international economy : principaux axes de recherche

The Strategy Group and international economy includes fellows from several universities in Quebec as well as fellow associates from leading universities in the world.

What unites these different profiles is the desire to put the international at the heart of traditional analytical models.

For example, without a world increasingly connected, the macroeconomic policies of a country are worthless unless they are analyzed in an open economy. Structural policies increase the well-being of Quebecers and Canadians, but also improve the international competitiveness of domestic industrial structure.

With 6 billion people in emerging countries, the developed world populated by one billion people must understand that the economic center of gravity is changing. The purpose of this group is to provide solutions to major international changes and their impact on our domestic economy.

Présence dans les médias


Vice-President Strategy and international economy
T.Warin HEC Montréal
A.Ayoub U. Laval
D.Boccanfuso U. Sherbrooke
M.Boyer U. de Montréal
M.Chemin U. McGill
A.Durand HEC Montréal
M.Foucault U. de Montréal
M.Henry U. de Montréal
A.J.Hollander U. de Montréal
M.Huberman U. de Montréal
S.Laszlo U. McGill
P.Leblond U. d'Ottawa
A.D.Nimubona U. Waterloo
M.Poschke U. McGill
L.Savard U. Sherbrooke
B.Sinclair-Desgagné HEC Montréal
F.Vaillancourt U. de Montréal
A..Van-Assche HEC Montréal