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-- Economic Development
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-- Environmental Economics
-- Institutions
-- Measurement
-- Methodology and Theory
-- Political Science
-- Public Policy

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Experimental Economics Group

Experimental economics represents an exciting new research methodology that can be successfully applied to a range of public policy and program development concerns. Laboratory experiments test how people behave in controlled environments and how they respond to different institutions. The experiments can be tailored to address very specific questions, and are capable of producing timely results at a low cost.

CIRANO's experimental economics group gathers researchers from a wide array of disciplines, most notably from economics, psychology, accounting and human resources management. The Montreal core of experimentalists is supported by many collaborators from the United States, Europe and the rest of Canada.

The experimental economics laboratory was established in 2000 with the participation of Bell University Laboratories and the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). Now featuring a portable configuration for field work and powerful workstations for computational research, it is undoubtedly Canada's most versatile experimental economics laboratory. CIRANO researchers and collaborators have conducted over 800 experimental sessions so far using this facility, with the participation of students from the environing Montreal universities.

C. Montmarquette - U. de Mtl

Claude Montmarquette is the holder of the Bell - Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec Chair in Experimental Economics at Université de Montréal.
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Vice-President Experimental Economics
J.Engle-Warnick U. McGill
Laboratory Manager/Research Professional
A.Blais U. de Montréal
B.Boudarbat U. de Montréal
U.Böckenholt U. McGill
B.Dostie HEC Montréal
M.Doyon U. Laval
R.Fonseca Benito UQAM
B.Fortin U. Laval
L.Godbout U. Sherbrooke
J.Hansen U. Concordia
M.Joanis Polytechnique
G.Lacroix U. Laval
F.Lange U. McGill
D.Latulippe U. Laval
P.T.Leger HEC Montréal
P.C.Michaud UQAM
K.Moran U. Laval
D.Parent U. McGill
P.O.Pineau HEC Montréal
J.Robert HEC Montréal
S.N.Soroka U. McGill
P.J.Thomassin U. McGill
Associated Fellow
C.Eckel U. Texas
C.Keser G-August-U. Göttingen
L.Levy-Garboua U.Sorbone
P.B.Peele U. Pittsburgh
D.Rondeau U. Victoria
B.Shearer U. Laval