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Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis of Organizations (CIRANO)


In five years CIRANO will be an indispensable resource for our private as well as our public partners and a major reference on the economic and social problems of Quebec. CIRANO will be recommended by the worldwide community of researchers on the role of institutions and individual behavior. CIRANO will play a leading role for the economic and financial education of Quebecers. It will federate 200 researchers in several disciplines all directed to the transfer of knowledge. Finally, it will become a role model in the world linking the academic researchers and the whole community.

Our researchers

CIRANO brings together over 180 professor-researchers active in a variety of disciplines, including economics, finance, management, information systems, computer science and operational research, psychology, sociology, political science, law, history, and medicine. These researchers belong to eight Québec academic institutions and more than ten institutions from outside the province in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Recognized internationally, they produce high-calibre scientific work and publish in the best journals — over twenty of them hold research chairs.

Our fields of activity

CIRANO focuses its efforts on the following fields:
  • public policy
  • risk
  • finance
  • sustainable development
  • strategy & international economy
  • Since 1998, CIRANO has also run the scientific leadership of Québec’s only experimental economics laboratory.

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